Godanaa’s warranty terms and conditions

Godanaa guarantees its direct manufactured products for a period of 5 years starting from the date of purchasing  to  be proved by our invoice.

During the warranty period  Godanaa will  remove product defects due to manufacturing and  or production failure. The removal of the related defects will be carried out further to final judgment of Godanaa, by means of repair of the product and/or removing the possible damaged part and or by means of integral replacement of the product.

The warranty is not valid for damages or malfunctioning:

  • Due to improper use and non-conform to the product features and or maintenance defect;
  • Caused by transport;
  • Due to impacts, tampering , wrong repairs and or repairs carried out by unauthorized staff
  • Due to the normal  wear and tear of the parts
  • Caused by freezing or foreign bodies present in the piping;
  • Observed on components due to their improper use or to installation carried out by unskilled staff or however to installation not carried out according to the wrapping  instructions;
  • Caused by third factors ( atmospheric  agents, fires, natural disaster, war and violent events following rebellions or revolts)
  • Due to the  non-observance of the hereafter indicated  technical and maintenance prescriptions.

Godanaa has the right to invalidate the warranty when the hereafter mentioned conditions will not be obeyed.

Furthermore the warranty will not be valid in case of missing documentation which proves the date of purchase. Possible product damages and or defects will be replaced under warranty only if the related item of complaint is sent back to Godanaa in  the original packaging  including the proof of purchase.  The costs for the assembling and the disassembling of the product, the travelling and the technical interventions by skilled staff, as the burden undergone by the customer due to indisposition and or the suspension of the product use are in any case excluded from the warranty.

Technical prescripitions:

  • It is recommended to install valves with filter and water-softener , which have to be regularly cleaned;
  • You should not install the product in presence of water pressure higher than 5 bar: in case of higher pressure, it is recommended to use a pressure reducer;
  • Water temperature should not be higher than 70° C;
  • Carry out the rinsing of the pipes before installing the tap;
  • Regarding the installation follow the assembly and mounting instructions enclosed with the product;
  • Do not connect  the earthing of an electric installation to a flexible hose or to another  water pipeline;
  • Close the plant in case of an extended absence.
  • Clean regularly the aerator after having it disassembled and after having removed the limestone which obstructs the outlets.


The stainless steel surfaces of our products can be cleaned with water and soap with a soft cloth.
Pay the utmost attention in case of use of other detergents , since they may ruin cartridges and o-ring installed inside the product.
Abrasive sponges, wire wool , bleach, hydrogen chloride and detergents containing acid should not be use, as they could irreparably damaged the surfaces.
Water contains limestone and iron, which remains kept on the surface of the product, leaving sediments after water’s evaporation.
To prevent this stash and maintain you product clean, we keep it dryed after use  with a soft cloth.
Clean exclusively with water and soap, drying them with a soft cloth.