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Our stainless steel does not contain traces of lead and does not release any nickel, both substances that can cause allergies and harm to your health. Our stainless steel is ONLY treated mechanically, polished or brushed to give it its natural light and beauty, it does not undergo any galvanizing chromium process, chemical processes that can be the cause of pollution. Stainless steel also prevents bacteria colonies from proliferating on the steel surfaces. Cleaning and sanitizing are also made easier by the NON-POROSITY of the materials.

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Stainless steel guarantees an exceptional life span, because of its solidity, both mechanical and chemical. The characteristics of stainless steel, and AISI 316L in particular, remain the same also in highly aggessive environments (spa centers, seaside), guaranteeing long-lasting performance over the years. 316L Steel also has a particularly strong resistance against detergents, solvents and disinfectants, as well as to shocks and mechanical stress. 

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New and more strict laws aim at water quality protection: stainless steel taps are adopted in place of traditional chrome plated brass taps to ensure compliance. AISI 316L Steel, despite being more expensive to work with compared to other kinds of steel (i.e. AISI 304), has the best characteristics in terms of stain resistance, durability and solidity, and guarantee drinking water.

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AISI 316L Steel is 100% recyclable.
Godanaa products are fitted with aerators that ensure water saving up to 60% through water flow reduction.